Who We Are?

Who we are?

Founded in 2009, Right Advisors pioneered the concept of specialized Human Resources services. We offer you the best Leadership hiring, Talent Mapping, Recruitment, Contractual Staffing, Payroll and Compliance Management, Behavioural Assessment and BGV etc.

Within 100+ people, the average age of team retention is 5 years plus. Our management team brings a lot of experience of Consulting, FinTech, Healthcare, Technology, Engineering, Service, E-commerce, IT, Research, Product and Manufacturing industries on the table; having worked on consulting side as well as client side.

We have cemented our reputation as the leader in specialized recruitment and end to end Human Resources. With ‘Client First’ as our guiding principle; honesty, integrity and professionalism surround everything we do.

We help clients find exceptional leaders and solutions who fit their culture and with their organization goal. Our Management and Team have national and international experience in many industries such as Finance, Consumer, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Technology, Engineering, automotive, Banking and many more. Clients retain HR Services when they are looking to achieve positive change, growth and competitive advantage. Our clients range in scale from startups, to privately-held family firms, and to the world’s largest corporations. Recruitment of manpower into different career positions is our specialty. Working closely with our clients we have a wealth of knowledge, experience and our recruitment/ compliance skills are second to none. Our highly developed and sophisticated search capability allows us to quickly identify the best individuals in the marketplace to match a specific set of defined core competencies. We also advise clients on competitive remuneration and rewards packages thru talent mapping.

At Right Advisors, Our Vision & Mission is to:

·   We create long-term sustainable partnerships with our clients by providing HR solutions to meet their business needs.

·   Our corporate mission is to “serve customers with complete ownership and accountability”, words used by Right Advisors to describe its

  vision for the company.

•   Adhere to a philosophy of “Client First” in everything we do.

·   We are making careers of the people by connecting them with right professionals

·   We are helping companies to grow by providing the right talent which is best suited to the culture and the mind-set of the company.

·   We act as an advisor instead of a vendor; we guide you, suggest you and we try to provide services which are comfortable to the candidate    

   and compliant to the industry.